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Honey Badger Doesn't Care WARNING label t-shirt design on Zazzle by Finny Graphic T-Shirts


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Honey Badger Doesn't Care WARNING Label

A Funny Graphic WARNING Label T-Shirt Design

Honey Badger Doesn't Care WARNING LABEL design

This funny digital vector art is a design variation of the Honey Badger Don't Care Theme. The design features a corporate industry warning label look with the text, "WARNING - Doesn't Care" and "Takes What It Wants,".

About the Honey Badger Doesn't Care design

FGT-S had featured a Honey Badger Don't Care themed article in September of 2011 and since that time FGT-S fans have been asking for an original FGT-S design. On 12-2-11 FGT-S staff members met about upcoming T-Shirt ideas and the Honey Badger came up yet again. After doing the Funny Graphic T-Shirts Presents: T-Shirt of the Week!, which featured graphics similar to a warning label, FGT-S staff immediately started production on a Honey Badger design that was stylistically like an industrial warning label.

The design was started as vector art in Adobe Illustrator and on 12-3-11 the lead designer added a tiger shark mouth element to the design. All elements were hand drawn and typeset in Illustrator. Using a Google image search, designers found images of the honey badger that were used as visual reference and the honey badger body was drawn using the pen tool in Illustrator. The eye was drawn to be basic and cheesy to fir the industrial warning label look. The added tiger shark mouth (also hand drawn using the pen tool) was added to give it a sinister but ridiculous look to add to the humor of the design.

All vector artwork was finished the morning of 12-3-11 and was imported into Adobe Photoshop to add a minor drop shadow. The drop shadow was added to give it a look of a realistic label and to add an element of professionalism.

Design was then finalized and uploaded for sale on CafePress and Zazzle.

Where to buy:

Zazzle - 10+ items!

Honey Badger Doesn't Care Value Shirt
Honey Badger Doesn't Care Yellow Shirt
Honey Badger Doesn't Care Trucker Hat
Honey Badger Doesn't Care iPad Case
Honey Badger Doesn't Care iPhone 4 Case
Honey Badger Doesn't Care iPod Case
Honey Badger Doesn't Care Samsung Galaxy S Cover
Honey Badger Doesn't Care Blackberry Bold Case
Honey Badger Doesn't Care Blackberry Curve Case
Honey Badger Doesn't Care WARNING Label Sticker Decal

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