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We're happy to announce the launch of our new specialty site:! is dedicated to 70s and 80s classic arcade gaming T-Shirts.  This is the best site on the web to find a cool new classic arcade T-Shirt to wear next time out at the bar or arcade! has arcade articles in relation to art, technology, shirts and classic gaming.  There is a Best of Web arcade shirt gallery that showcases the coolest arcade designs on the internet and common online retailers to but them from.  The site also showcases Funny Graphic T-Shirt's arcade and pinball designs.

Pokemon Go T-Shirts

The new site got an instant boost from the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Within days of it's launch the popularity of the new Pokemon Go app had people researching what it was all about. Obviously people were looking for all of the information in relation to Pokemon Go and even Pokemon T-Shirts.  Arcade Tees Pokemon Go T-Shirt blog post was instantly popular.  The Pokemon "No Kings" T-Shirt article also got some heavy traffic as well!  Congrats to Nintendo, Google and Niantic on creating such a groundbreaking technological gaming concept and a cultural phenomenon.

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Valentine's Day T-Shirts

Valentine's Day 2016 is on a Sunday this year.  Choose your side... Cute Carrie Cupid or Hearty Hateful Harry.  Whatever your faction, there is a design to suit all and, with many great designs, you can emote in style!  Check out the best Valentine's Day T-Shirts.

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Tees

Right about now you're probably cuddled up on the sofa next to the fireplace sipping your hot chocolate looking at your laptop or tablet saying... "You know, I want to be festive this Holiday Season and year something special... Yet beautiful and creative," enter the Ugly Christmas Sweater!!! BUT... You don't like sweaters :( They make your skin itch and you feel like ripping them off your body when you are opening presents around freinds and relatives. That uncomfortable excessive warmth feeling is too much for you, you need to be free you need to wear a tee instead. What to do?!! Alas, one of the greatest marvels of technological advancement has arrived to solve your major Holiday concern... The Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirt!! Christmas has been saved (again).

Sweater Style T-Shirt Convienience

Everyone loves the look and design freedom that a sweater offers but some people like the convienince of the classic T-Shirt. Why not have the best of both and opt for an UGLY Christmas sweater T-Shirt this year! Available in short and long sleeve designs!!

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Turkey Day Tees

Every year Thanksgiving seems to sneek up on all of us. After a busy year, the lsst thing many people think about is creative clothing to wear on this Turkey Holiday. Ever find yourself wondering what to wear on Thanksgiving?! Did you feel the need to be formal but thought, gosh, wouldn't it be awesome to wear something a little more fun and maybe even humorous? By that time it's already too late and you just end up wearing something formal, get gravy all over it and break a couple of seems as you ate too much! Well, it's time to think ahead and get a funny graphci T-Shirt for this Thanksgiving dinner!

Don't Ruin Your Nice Clothes

We figure that most adults won't like the idea of wearing a bib but, we all know, you're going to get gravy on whatever you wear on Thanksgiving. So, why not dedicate a special shirt for this one of a kind Holiday. Just don't forget to wash it before the next Thanksgiving ;)

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Halloween Ideas to Wake the Dead

It's always a grave reminder when the leaves start falling that Halloween is just around the corner again and, according to Yahoo, it is the fastest growing Holiday. Although people are spending beastly amounts of money on this rapidly ascending holiday, most people want to celebrate within their budget. The "This is my costume" T-Shirt is no longer the only Halloween T-Shirt that people spin their heads over anymore. T-Shirts have now gone from bare bones "textual" designs into full color/full body skeleton designs that are strikingly realistic!

Be A Budget Superhero

We've done an article previously about the really awesome new superhero T-Shirts that have came into the market recently. We just want to remind people that these can be a very good substitute for traditional costumes. A simple superhero T-Shirt and a cheap mask can make a pretty good effort on that bare bones budget. Check out our Cheap Halloween Costumes page.

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The Cotton is Strong on this One.

With the announcement of Star Wars Episode VII, most people I know can't stop counting the days to the movie release. It's only natural for people to get as much as they can of something when they are excited about it and what a better way to do that than by wearing some epic T-Shirts with some interstellar designs! Not too geeky but rather well designed T-Shirts have made their way onto the market. Whether it's Darth Vader playing heavy metal guitar or a schematic for the Death Star, there is something for everyone.

In our opinion, not that it matters, the new Star Wars movies are going to be a hit! We like how JJ Abrams brought Star Trek back to life and we like the angle of using old school special effects over digital effects. So, saber up and get your favorite Star Wars T-Shirt to support the newest versions of the franchise. Even if you are a scruffy looking nerf herder.  

Politics as Unusual

Best Donald Trump Shirts

We've slimed our way through the anals of politics for the best Donald Trump T-Shirt designs for your evening news viewing pleasure!

Trump This Article

Now, we have stated before that WE DO NOT ENDORSE ANY POLITICAL CANDIDATE but we do like political entertainment. We also always say that, when people like something, they wear it on their heart. Front and center on the chest of a T-Shirt baby! So to us, an election like the upcoming 2016 USA Presidential Election is gold for funny T-Shirts as well as excellent design.

Now it's not just Trump that is getting attention for the upcoming election, there is Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, etc, etc. Check out our page of the best T-Shirts for the USA November Election in 2016 and see what political artists are sticking to the candidates.

Back to Trump.. Lots of speculation to why Trump has surged in the polls, but one thing is for sure, people are sick of politics as usual. The bottom line is that nobody knows what's going on but people want someone that they feel is being real with them.  Trump takes this approach with the way he sells himself.  Trump also has a lot of character so the media loves having him around.  T-Shirt designers have a lot of material to work with as well. But, whatever the case, we're just excited to have a ton of designs to hail from this chief.  

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Always get a Woman's Perspective

One thing that we knew early on in studies relating to the success of certain businesses, artistic acts/works of art, events, etc, etc. that seems to stand the test of time is that, if you incorporate a Women into something that is predominately male oriented, it is likely to be a success! Take a cover band for instance... Playing nothing but testosterone driven metal or gangsta rap may be cool for you and your buddies but, if you expect to be a success, you need to get women on board. If this needs further explanation, you may want to skip this article.

Evolution of a Pop Culture Symbol

As all cool trends change and mature it's just a matter of time before something else cool comes out of the mix. Here we talk about graphic T-Shirts so naturally we are discussing the evolution of graphic tees. Dating back to the graphic T-Shirts that came out of the 70s and 80s, the typical demographic for those shirts were adolescent males. As more graphic shirts started getting feminine cuts and designs to them, these traditionally male garments turned into a new market targeted exclusively for women. Here we are now with some spectacular graphic tees for women and we have compiled a list of some of the best out there. Check out our page on the Best Women's Graphic Tees!

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I Am T-Shirt Man

Doesn't have the same ring, we know. Need more caffeine to make puns work today but thing is, we discovered recently some really awesome looking shirts and we had to get that out there for our audience. You may have seen these advertised on TV but we discovered them on online at some pretty reasonable prices. There's a company called G-Like that prints full body (including arms) designs that look like you are wearing a costume. That's right, it looks like a Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk ,etc. suit! We were really impressed by the look of the Spiderman shirt. Now, G-Like isn't the only one doing these and this is certainly a new hot trend for T-Shirt design most undoubtedly brought on by recent advances in T-Shirt garment printing.

A Easy Halloween Costume?!

The first thought I had when I saw these shirts immediately went to how these would make for a great Halloween costume... Especially for someone on a tight budget or someone that doesn't want to go all out. We could easily see getting the shirt a mask and then you're done for someone on a budget. Of course, there are other accessories that would allow someone to take it up a notch if they wanted to.

A Treat not a Trick

Spooking of Halloween shirts, we have a newly revised section of the Best Halloween Shirts on the Web. It won't kill you to check it out but will certainly bring clarity to the grave consequences of poor design and the bat-efits to spook-tacular imagery!

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Best T-Shirt Designs EVER!!!

Funny Graphic T-Shirts is an artistically designed informational website dedicated to giving you a rich entertainment viewing experience in exposing you to some of the best of the web creative tee designs. Whether you thing is 89's shirts, T-Rex wear, or Bacon propaganda, we have the best listed on this site! One thing is for sure, the notion of "best" indicates a personal preference and we are always reviewing the designs and updating this site. If we have picked your design to be on this site, it is one of the best and is at a level above all others. It's personal preference, not everyone will agree. If you do disagree, drop us a line. Just be aware, complaining without a suggestion is just whining ;)

Need a Funny Gift?!

A lesson to be learned: Not only does Funny Graphic T-Shirts buy everyday items online from merchants like and eBay, we prefer to buy all of our hardware and software online too! We believe that, in order to make your designs successful on the web, you need to be fluent with current online technology and protocols. That's why we do everything we can online... Including shopping! Make a habit of buying online, you will learn how to post for sale online!

How to Buy a T-Shirt Gift for a Friend or Family Member 

T-Shirt gifts are very popular for the Holidays, especially birthdays and Christmas.  Nothing beats giving a friend or family member a shirt that reflects their personality.  There are two important points for picking out a T-Shirt for a friend or family member: 1) Make sure you understand what they like and 2) Make sure you get them a shirt in the style/size that they WILL wear.

 I think this has happened to us all; you are at a gift giving even, let's say Christmas, and your crazy aunt gives you something odd and you don't know how to react to it. In your head you're trying to balance being polite and thankful with figuring out WTF this is all about. Another family member then steps in with a hint that it will fit well with the rest of your collection and then it hits you, she somehow associated your favorite hobby with something completely different from what it actually is or, even worse, it was related to something that you once liked 20 years ago.   Point being, MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT PEOPLE REALLY LIKE.

The next, more challenging aspect of picking out a T-Shirt as a gift is getting  the right size/style. People are picky, they may like the design, but they may never wear T-Shirts or just wear black.  To complicate things, different shirt manufacturers have different "cuts" and blends for the fabric.  Some people don't like polyester, some people are longer and taller, etc, etc.  That is where inside help is always a good option.   If not, error on the side of caution: go larger (especially if it's cotton) and make sure that returns can be accepted.  That will make the experience a whole lot easier :) 

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Keeping Full Print Designs From Extinction

Perhaps it was animal instinct, perhaps extreme boredom but someone finally came out with a full animal face T-Shirt and now it's the latest big thing with roaring success. We're sure Cecil would agree. From the early days of wearing garanimals (yes, I brought that up) to these fur fledged masterpieces, digital printing has brought us the next level in the animal kingdom. Don't hesitate, check out this section before it becomes extinct!

Animal Face T-Shirts in Pop culture

Not that we're proud knowing this, but last night I noticed that an animal face T-Shirt was worn by one of the main characters (Liz Larson) played by Dove Cameron in the movie Barely Lethal (2015). I seem to remember the shirt design was a fox face but I certainly could be mistaken. The movie appeared to be marketed towards pre-pubescent teens as it lacked the intensity of an adult action film and the humor was also....  Well... Anyway, we feel that these type of T-Shirt designs are to be all the rage for kids and teenagers and we quote the film as reference.    

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Pinball & Arcade Tees

Well, it's that time in history now... The generation that grew up with arcades at the Mall are now in their 40's and they have disposable income! The second age of the arcade is here. Stating about a couple Year back (2012 or so), pinball and arcade machines started disappearing from Craigslist to the point where if something goes up now, it's gone in less that 45 minutes (if it's a "reasonable" deal). Barcades started popping up in major cities like Chicago and Seattle and now a new generation of bar goers are getting to experience the excitement of the arcade for the first time.

We love 80's arcade games so much we decided to create a section just for Arcade and Pinball T-Shirts ! It just felt like something that we needed to do. Please check out this growing sub-site of ours even though it is rudimentary at this time.


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